More about bindrs
Use what you already use a lot

Most likely you are nowhere better connected with your friends than through social media. And it is very likely that those same channels get most of your attention when messages come in.

Therefore bindrs offers private and secure co-working spaces that look like multimedia notebooks. You can use social media for inviting others and for getting notified about your ongoing projects.

Any social project
With bindrs you can ...
Cross-social co-working spaces in just 4 steps
  1. Login above with one of your social network accounts or with an email address. Or search for the bindrs app on Facebook.
  2. Set up a bindr and put in your ideas or plans, using text, images, video or other media.
  3. Invite friends to your bindr through private messages on social networks or through e-mail.
  4. Your friends can contribute straight away from their social networks.

Bindrs work across Facebook, Twitter, Google and e-mail.

Watch a 2 minutes demo of see the Introduction & Video Tutorials

Yes it's free!

The use of bindrs is free. Contact us to learn about our premium services for power users and organistions. Or check out bindrs in education.

See also the philosophy of bindrs.

What are bindrs?
Bindrs are simple multi-media notebooks. You can use them for any private collaboration across social networks and e-mail.

A pile of bindrs
Inside a bindr
A bindr page
Private and secure

Although bindrs uses social media to keep you up to date and to let you invite friends, non of that is visible to anyone else on those social networks. All communication is done through private messages.

To protect the data you keep in your bindrs, we use encrypted connections to transport data from your browser to our server. And that server is in The Netherlands protected by strong data protection laws keeping it from agencies claiming access to it.