Philosophy of bindrs

7 main principles of bindrs:


  • Social media can be productive: Instead of only viewing posts by others or sharing your own life events via screens, you can use social media to realize new plans or projects in your real life. Bindrs is a simple tool for doing just that.
  • You have more time than you think: You can always find a few minutes here and a few minutes there. But it's tough to bring all those moments together. Bindrs helps you to grab that fragmented time and turn it into something productive.
  • Connect them all: The major social networks are not really interconnected. Therefore it is not always possible to use them with all your friends, co-workers or colleagues. Bindrs is a hub which interconnecs all major social networks. Everyone can stay on his own preferred network but you can still collaborate on a common idea, plan or project.
  • Your data is yours: We don't read, analyse, sell or mess in any other way with your data. It's your private data, we just provide you the space and tools to work with it. You decide who sees it, shares it or contributes to it. We use secure connections to transport your data and our sever is positioned in the Netherlands where your data is protected by strict privacy laws.
  • No Ads: We know how annoying ads can be. And we think of you more as a fellow creator than a consumer. That's why we don't want to disturb you with ads when you work with bindrs.
  • Free: The basic features you need to cooperate with your friends in bindrs will always be for free. But we don't want to use ads or to data-mine your personal information for making money. That's why we will come up with reasonably priced special features later. They will include better search options, export options, and more space for your projects, plans and notes.
  • Design and features balance: We are trying to balance the right amount of features with appealing design while keeping everything as simple as possible so anybody can start using bindrs. Feature overload as well as too technical or too playful design can be both a stopper for many users. We know that. Therefore we are constantly evolving the user interface in accordance to the latest user feedback.