Bindrs in Education
No New Apps & No New Logins

Setting up online collaboration projects with your students can get really complicated. Which is why we have created bindrs – on-line co-working spaces that resemble multimedia notebooks.

Students can simply access their bindrs through their Facebook, Twitter, or Google logins. And use the same channels to invite others and receive personal notifications.

Free version

You can start using bindrs straight away from or by searching for the bindrs app on Facebook. The functionality at your disposal is by far enough to set up some trials. All use cases described on this page can be set up with the free version. And all user experiences are coming from trials with the free version as well.

Use Cases in Education
Bindrs are being used in many different ways in education.
  • Teachers use them to give one on one learning support to students who have problems writing clearly and keeping their homework organised.
  • Students use it to work on group projects like writing a marketing plan together.
  • Students use it to keep a weekly journal about their internship and to discuss issues with their super visors at the university and in the organisation where they are working.
  • Teachers use them to collaborate on upcoming projects and to share and create new learning materials
  • Teachers use them to write and maintain manuals for new staff members
  • Teachers use bindrs as a forum to discuss e-learning issues.
Easy to Set Up

Setting up a bindrs co-working space for yourself and your colleagues or your students is simple.

  1. Go to the bindrs login page and login with one of your social media accounts or with an email address. Or you search for the bindrs app on Facebook.
  2. Set up a bindr for the collaboration, adding pages with text, images, videos or other types of media.
  3. Invite others to the bindr using private messages on social media or email.
  4. As soon as they accept your invitation they can start contributing to the bindr straight from the social media where they received your invitation.

Or you take a more distributed approach by setting up a bindr and sending a public link to your students. They can make their own copy of that bindr and invite their own group of students to collaborate on it further.

What are bindrs?
Bindrs are simple multi-media notebooks. You can use them for any private collaboration across social networks and e-mail.

A pile of bindrs
Inside a bindr
A bindr page
Private and secure

Although bindrs uses social media to keep users up to date and to let them invite friends, non of that is visible to anyone else on those social networks. All communication is done through private messages.

To protect the data kept in bindrs, we use encrypted connections to transport data from the browser to our server. And that server is in The Netherlands protected by strong data protection laws keeping it from agencies claiming access to it.

See also the philosophy of bindrs.

Premium package

The bindrs premium package for organisations lets you:

  • brand your bindrs and your bindr users with with your corporate identity,
  • push content and template bindrs to your staff and students.

On top of that you will offer your staff and students the following extras:

  • The option to have more visual elements, like images, uploaded pdf's or embedded video, maps, slideshows and so on, at different places on a bindr page
  • Group and filter their bindrs by personally added tags
  • Search inside their collection of bindrs.
  • Save their bindrs in PDF-format.

Contact us to find out what the bindrs premium package can bring your organisation.

User Experiences

University of Michigan, School of Information

Students were randomly put together in groups. They got the task to plan an imaginary holiday together in the next spring break. They had to do so over Thanksgiving. So they did not have time to meet, nor were they at the same place, since everyone went home to his family.

"Using Bindrs allowed us all to get our opinion in about our spring break trip, no matter how busy/available we are." (student)

"Bindrs is really organized and is really easy to access by the members of the group."(student)

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management

Students used bindrs for a group assignment. We received the following feedback from them.

  • Really nice user experience.
  • General overview and simplicity are much better than in Google Drive and Evernote
  • Connecting to bindrs through social media channels is a big advantage compared to Google Drive and Evernote (no need to create new accounts)
  • Inviting new people is simple and you can choose which channel you will use for it
  • Good functioning notification system. There is no need to go and check if there is something new inside bindrs.
  • Some students point out that they hate notification emails which fill up their inbox. They like much more the simple notifications inside Facebook where they are used to check for new things anyway.

  • British International School Bratislava

    Teachers use bindrs to collaborate among each other and to support individual students.

    "I think bindrs is fantastic.... Its simple and effective, the minimal amount of functions and options means my time spent using bindrs is productive and time conscientious in favour of my projects. The design is good visually so I have no need to waste time changing the layout or format, I also think the invite/buddy system works well and having control of the email notification suits me." (higher level teaching assistant)

    "Students with Learning Support issues are often chaotic and using the computer adds a whole level of bureaucracy to their daily school lives that they can find difficult. These students are not good at saving their work in an ordered way and easily retrieving it and bindrs really helps with this as the work is all in one place and always accessible. I think that bindrs has huge potential for supporting on-line organisation." (Learning Support teacher)

    Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

    Students use bindrs to keep a weekly journal about their 9 weeks internship at a veterinarian practice. The same bindr is used as a platform to discuss issues with their super visors at the university and at the practice, who give them feedback on their journal.

    "Students participate well and even the vets participate in discussions. I also receive much quicker response on the feedback I give to students." (super visor at the university)